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​We are here to provide an environment that nurtures

students creative expressions, while still maintaining

a highly academic approach to class. This means that

while we want all of our students to enjoy themselves

in class, we also realize that dance is a discipline. We

want each and every student that walks through our

doors to learn to the best of their ability the

wonderful art of dance.


High Academic Achievement

- Limited class sizes for Pre-Ballet and

Advanced classes for more

individualized learning.

-A positive learning environment with classes divided by age and ability.

-Continuing education for faculty in order to give students the best possible education.

-Technique based dance programs for students to learn proper skills and terminology


Professional and Positive Environment

-Classroom designed for dancers including a professionally installed dance floor of over 900sq feet in our main room. Your dancer's health and safety is our concern.

-Adult staff with over 25 years of training and over 10 years of teaching experience.

-Nurturing and fun environment that includes emphasis on proper technique for quality dancers.

Family Friendly

-Follow community school schedules with breaks and holidays.

-Spring recital date advertised as early as possible so parents can plan ahead for vacations.

-Discounts for families with more than one student and students taking more than one class.

Exceptional Standards (Modesty Promise)

-Proper attire for students and faculty including recital costumes.

-Appropriate and positive music choices in the classroom and on the stage.

-Dance moves that showcase students abilities and technique, not what is popular on tv or radio.


- Tuition is competitively priced with other surrounding Santa Cruz and Pima County schools.

- Discounts are built into our tuition for students and families that take multiple classes.

-Try to keep costume prices low, and choose "2-in-1" costumes for students in multiple classes when possible.

-Scholarship (work study program) for those with financial hardships. New for the 2016-2017 school year!

Student Individuality

-Our studio is for both the recreational and serious dancer.

-Dancers of all levels are welcome in our classes with the option to take advanced classes as  dance knowledge and technique progresses.

-We want everyone to understand our deep love for the art of dance, but if you decide A Step  Above isn't for you that is okay. We realize each student and family needs to find the studio that  is right for them. If you need help making that decision, we would be more than happy to give  you some neutral dance information to guide you so you know what to look for in a dance  studio.

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